Spring Carpet Cleaning in West Chester OHWith the weather in West Chester flirting with highs near 60, it is starting to feel like spring! And spring means it is time to think about the elephant in the room – spring cleaning.

If you are like most people (myself included), it can be difficult to get motivated, so I thought some classic headlines might provide some inspiration, incentive, and shock therapy to spur your need to clean.

Let’s start with the shock: Leave your shoes at the door: Science says they’re covered in poop and could make you sick –

Your clodhoppers track in dirt, yes, but also fecal germs and diarrhea-inducing bacteria, studies show, and the shoes themselves can get dirtier than a toilet seat. And science has shown just what makes up that filth, too. That fecal bacteria “indicates frequent contact with fecal material, which most likely originates from floors in public restrooms or contact with animal fecal material outdoors,” Gerba said for the study. And here’s the, ahem, kicker: The transfer rate bacteria from shoes to clean tiles was 90% to 99%.

The last line is particularly disturbing when you consider they are talking about tiles. I can only imagine what it would be for carpets, which seem to attract debris like a magnet.

Let’s move from shock and think about the incentive, especially for those that struggle with seasonal allergies: 8 commonly neglected items that need a good cleaning before allergy season –

“Keeping a clean home is very important as allergies and asthma are directly impacted by your external environment,” says Dr. Purvi Parikh, an allergist and immunologist with Allergy & Asthma Network. “Besides improving allergy and asthma symptoms, a clean home has also been linked to fewer mental health problems and lower levels of anxiety, depression and stress. Even the act of cleaning is a stress reliever for some.”

This article offers a good reminder of the hidden areas that need to be cleaned and the upside to making the time to tackle the task.

And, let’s round out the headlines on a high note with some inspiration: The potential mind-altering, life-extending benefits of spring cleaning

And by starting anew in less cluttered space, we reduce our stress, improve our moods, and get more energy — which in turn could give us the boost we need to eat healthy, exercise and get more sleep — which in turn, could lengthen our lives.

Part of me thinks it might be reaching to say that spring cleaning offers “life-extending benefits,” but who am I to argue with “science,” especially when it is the motivation to achieve a good goal.

Spring Carpet Cleaning West Chester OHI have noted in the past that I recommend a top-down approach to spring cleaning where you work from the ceiling toward the floor. In other words, before you open the windows and kick up sitting dust and allergens, capture and remove as much as possible. The best general approach is to start at the “top” of the room and work your way “down.” Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, and return air vents first. (And while you are “up there,” test the batteries in your smoke detectors!) Then wipe down windowsills and window tracts before vacuuming curtains and window blinds.

Now it’s time to work on the “middle” of the room. In between professional upholstery cleaning sessions, I recommend damp dusting and vacuuming furniture. Just mist water onto a clean white towel and lightly wipe (never scrub) arms and seating areas of all furniture in your home. It’s also a good time to flip the cushions of all seating areas. This not only helps to maintain firmness and limit distortions but may lessen the temptation of “others” in your home from flipping the cushions to hide a spill. Here are my best practices for upholstery cleaning, and for any non-upholstery cleaning, this article from Nationwide Insurance has some good spring cleaning tips.

Parts of your home that are easy to forget, especially given that it’s a pain to bend down to clean, include baseboards. The top of trim pieces, and any profile details, are notorious for gathering dust. To avoid crawling around on your hands and knees, try using the extension wand on your vacuum or a duster on a stick. (If the dust is tenacious, they even make dedicated baseboard cleaning tools!)

Finally, if it has been more than 6 months since your last professional carpet cleaning, you should consider it. We currently offer a free application of DuPont Teflon to help protect your carpet and upholstery from the spring rains and (heaven forbid!) any Brood X cicadas that will inevitably get stepped on. 

You also need to make sure you choose the right carpet cleaning method. As noted last month, while there is a good deal of marketing hype around the various types of cleaning methods, carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction method. The hot water extraction method is not only recommended but required by some carpet manufacturers to maintain your warranty.


Questions? I am always available to answer your stain removal questions and concerns. Call us today at (513) 777-8770 to learn more about our carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Or email us at service@extra-effort.com to learn about this month’s cleaning special.


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