I have a friend who dabbles with woodworking and pretty much anything DIY. We were chatting the other day and he told me about a project he recently struggled with. I assumed this must have been a pretty big project if he struggled with it, but the truth was it wasn’t a big project. In fact, it was nothing more than a sort of “bauble” that’s made up of a solid wood cube with a smaller solid wood cube inside. You can see it in the picture on the right. It sits on a desk and is interesting to look at, nothing more.Carpet Cleaning Cube

I asked him what the struggle was with the project and he said it boiled down to not having the right tool. Or, more specifically, it was not having a heavy-duty version of the right tool. He said the project is fairly straightforward, you just need to drill large holes at the right places and to a very specific depth. The best tool for the job is a drill press. He has a drill press, but it didn’t have the oomph to really get the job done efficiently when drilling into the end grain. Ultimately, he ended up having to draw upon his years of woodworking experience to ultimately make do using some hacks to make the under-powered tool work.

Of course, knowing his love for tools, I jokingly asked why he didn’t just go buy a bigger drill press. He simply said, “Do you know HOW MUCH the ‘right’ drill press would cost?” And that’s sometimes how the world goes. When we don’t have the right tool, we do our best to make do with what we have. He had the know-how to make a “so-so” tool punch above its weight class, but it wasn’t pretty.

At this point, you are probably trying to figure out what in the world this has to do with carpet cleaning, and it’s simple: it comes down to having the right tools and the experience needed.

Specifically, I’m referring to carpet cleaning machines you either rent or buy. Now, before I go any further, let’s address the obvious issue. As a professional carpet cleaner, I am biased and believe that professional carpet cleaning is the route to go. However, I don’t expect you to just blindly believe me, so I want to walk through the argument for professional carpet cleaning.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Needed

Professional Carpet Cleaning in CincinnatiFriends will sometimes ask me why professional carpet cleaning is needed on a regular basis. Everyone pretty much understands that professional cleaning is needed after problems like spills and pet accidents. But, if there hasn’t been a cataclysmic carpet event, isn’t regular vacuuming enough? And the short answer is, no.

Regular vacuuming is good (and necessary) for removing surface level grit and dirt but doesn’t remove ground in dirt, bacteria, and whatever else has been tracked in on the bottom of your shoes.

A couple of months ago I talked about the importance of professional carpet cleaning as researchers found “… indoor carpet to be about 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat, with about 200,000 bacteria per square inch.” A deep clean requires something more than a regular vacuum!

Why the Hot Water Extraction Method is Best

There are a few different methods of carpet cleaning and it’s easy to find arguments for each. To determine the best method for carpet cleaning I think it makes sense to look at what experts say. And who knows more about carpets than the manufacturers? If you do the research, you will find that top carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction, and some even require it to be performed on a regular basis to maintain warranty coverage.

Carpet Cleaning Basics

So, understanding that professional carpet cleaning is needed, and that hot water extraction is the best method for carpet cleaning, let’s go through what’s involved at a high level:

  1. Prep the room (i.e. move furniture and vacuum)
  2. Assess areas that require special attention (i.e. pet stains and spills)
  3. Apply the right amount of water (i.e. avoid over-wetting the area)
  4. Apply the right kind of carpet cleaner and in the proper amounts (i.e. apply enough cleaner that’s safe for pets and children to do the job but avoid leaving residual cleaner)
  5. Move furniture back in place and place it on pads or blocks (i.e. avoid problems with furniture feet transferring stain or rusting)

With some upfront research and some time spent with trial and error, anyone could master the areas above. However, the key issue is still getting the right tool for the job.

Carpet Cleaning Machines

Unless you are willing to spend the money to buy a professional-grade carpet cleaning machine, you face the same problem that my friend faced in his project – a machine that lacks the oomph to get the job done.

In his case, he had years of experience to draw upon to make his project work. And, of course, we must acknowledge that if his project didn’t work, he was only out a block of wood, not a room’s worth of carpet!

For more, consider what the experts at Shaw Floors have to say:

“Professional carpet cleaners are a great choice for your floor. Their cleaning equipment has more extraction power than the rental units available to individuals, and the carpet should dry more quickly.”

This is important as they note that “… when carpet is over-wet and the water isn’t extracted, it can lead to a whole host of issues such as wrinkling of the carpet, and in extreme cases, even delamination.” And it doesn’t get much more definitive than when they say that professional carpet cleaners “…understand the equipment, know the proper cleaning agents for the situation at hand, and recognize the differences in fibers and carpet construction.

Advantages of Extra Effort Carpet Cleaning

In addition to the issues noted above, it should also be pointed out that there are advantages that come with our professional carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning GuaranteeFirst, we specialize in the hot water extraction method using state-of-the-art equipment, environmentally safe supplies, and highly trained technicians.

Second, as a locally owned father and son business, Extra Effort Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is committed to your total satisfaction. We stand behind our work 100% and are dedicated to making sure the job is completed to your satisfaction, which is how we maintain a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau.

Third, we are proud to commit to our all-inclusive pricing. We will give you an exact estimate before any work is started and WON’T tack on surcharges, extras, and outrageous restrictions. In other words, we don’t add fuel cost surcharges to drive to your location or an “extra” charge for the cleaning solution needed to clean your carpet!

Finally, we are currently offering two bonuses:

  1. Free Application of DuPont Teflon – a $75 value
  2. Free application of our best deodorizer – a $50 value

We apply DuPont Teflon to repel liquid spills, dust, and dirt to allow your carpets to remain cleaner longer. You can get details on our carpet cleaning special here or simply call (513) 777-8770 to speak with me directly.

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